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MD136 Slimline Casement Window


● Max weight                                                             ● Max size(mm)

- Casement glass sash: 80kg                                     - Casement window: W 450~750|H 550~1800

– Casement screen sash: 25kg                                   - Awning window: W400~1500|H 430~3000

– Outward awning glass sash: 180kg                       - Fix window: Max height 6000

● Glass thickness:30 mm


● Sash Flushed To Frame                                         ●Column-Free & Aluminum Column Available

●Concealed Handle & Hidden Drainage                 ●Can Be Used For Curtain Wall

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Customized Made Slimline Casement Window
For Both Residential & Commercial

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Sash Flushed To Frame

The sash is seamlessly flushed to the frame, creating a smooth, unified surface that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. This design choice ensures that the MD136 complements any architectural style with grace and sophistication.


Elegance meets practicality with concealed handle.

This thoughtful design element not only adds a touch of
sophistication but also ensures a clutter-free appearance.

Additionally, our hidden drainage system goes beyond
aesthetics, preventing water accumulation and
maintaining the window's pristine look over time.

Concealed Handle & Hidden Drainage

10 casement windows

Column-Free & Aluminum Column Available

Freedom of design meets structural integrity with the column-free
Enjoy unobstructed panoramic views, creating a sense of openness
and space.
This flexibility ensures the widnow seamlessly integrates into your
vision, providing both form and function.

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Can Be Used For Curtain Wall

It's a versatile design element that can be seamlessly
incorporated into curtain wall systems.

This flexibility allows architects and designers to unleash
their creativity, transforming spaces into works of art.

Beyond the Window: Crafting Experiences

At MEDO, we understand that a window is more than just a static element
—it's a dynamic part of your daily life.

Precision Engineering for Smooth Operation
The window precision engineering ensures a smooth and effortless operation,
providing not only visual appeal but also practicality in every movement.

Endless Design Possibilities
Not a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a canvas for your imagination.
Choose from a variety of finishes and colors to tailor the window to
your project's unique aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Beyond beauty and functionality,
the MD136 reflects our commitment to sustainability.

12 windows casement window

The precision engineering doesn't just
enhance the window's performance
but also contributes to energy efficiency.

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Global Excellence, Local Expertise

Exporting to Your Region

With a focus on exporting to America, Mexico, Middle East Arabia and Asia countries,
MEDO understands the global market's diverse needs.
Our windows are crafted to meet international standards,
ensuring that your project benefits from the excellence and reliability that MEDO represents.
Global Excellence, Local Expertise

Local Support and Customization

While we operate globally, we understand the importance of local expertise.
Our team is dedicated to providing personalized support,
ensuring that your MD136 Slimline Casement Windows are not just a product
but a tailored solution that aligns seamlessly with your project's requirements.

14 modern casement windows
15 modern casement windows - 副本

MD136 Slimline Casement Window is more than a window; it's a statement of
sophistication, innovation, and design excellence.

From its technical prowess to its exquisite features, every aspect of the MD136 is a
testament to our dedication to elevating your spaces.

We invite you to experience the MEDO difference—where precision meets passion, and
your vision becomes a reality.

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